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Custom packaging indicates to your customer whether or not they would like to buy from you.

Your product’s packaging tells your customer what to expect from your product. Size, colour, text and imagery all convey different meanings to your customer and will let them know if this is a premium product.

What does your products’ shelf presence say about your brand? A lot, actually. The store shelf is often shoppers’ first point of interaction with your products, so how they’re merchandised can make or break the sale.

Today’s consumers gravitate toward brands whose core values align with their own. In fact, they’ll spend up to 46% more on brands they perceive as providing value, supporting the individual consumer, and supporting society as a whole.


Custom packaging designs that will work across different products or flavours, conveying your unique message.


A custom, one-of-a-kind packaging solution that will stand out from the crowd.

1. Strategy

Great packaging starts with great research. We will outline a path forward, including reasearching competitors to ensure that your packaging design stands out from the crowd. We will then align this with your brand identity.

2. Content Curation

Once we’re totally happy with the strategy, we’ll ensure we have all the copy, the legal information and anything else that needs to feature on your packaging to make sure that it is compliant with local laws and regulations.

3.  Design

The visualisation of your packaging comes next. I will design a style to cover all of your product variations or flavours, and present these to you as Photoshop mock-ups of what your product will look like.

4. Artwork

The really exciting bit! Once the designs are finalised I will lay the designs out as print files for your printer to run with. Then you can sit tight and wait for your shiny new packaging to arrive.


This is for business owners who are growing in their field and creating a loyal fan base, but who need a bold & stylish packaging solution to trigger further growth.

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