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Website Design + Build

Your website is your digital shop-front


A custom website design fully built using Wordpress, Shopify or Wix.

I create website designs that are tightly tailored to showcase your copy, imagery and branding, so the outcome is completely one of a kind - just like your business.

This package is for those who want a website that is easy to edit themselves at a later date. A simpler solution that doesn’t require a specialised (and often expensive) developer, but does incur a monthly running cost.


A custom website design that will be uploaded straight to your platform of choice. Depending what you’d prefer your website to be able to achieve, we will use WordPress, Shopify or Wix to build a totally custom website for your business.


A fully-functioning ready-to-buy-from website.

1. Web Strategy

The foundation of your website is a solid strategy. We outline a path forward, including a site map, key goals and visual inspiration of reference sites that align with your brand mood.

2. Content Curation

Once we’re totally happy with the strategy, we’ll ensure that you have the tools to gather your website content. This includes advice on brand photography and copy writing. I can also recommend my favourite photographers + copywriters.

3. Web Design

The visualisation of your site comes together with a custom design of up to 10 unique content pages. The design leverages your photography, copy and brand assets for a completely one of a kind website. 3 complementary rounds of revision are included, should you need it.

4. Web Development

This is the point where we will put your custom design straight into the e-commerce builder of your choice Whether that is Wix, Shopify or WordPress, that’s up to you. Please note that the web hosting and monthly running costs are not included within the price.


This is for business owners who are primed for growth but need a website that is easy to edit later, knowing that their copy, images and branding will shine even brighter when housed within a custom design.

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Stephs Branding Shoot-106686.jpg

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